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Title: Richweb recommends not rushing to update to WordPress 5.0 just yet
Post by: Doug Hazard on October 31, 2018, 06:55:51 pm
Wordpress version 5.0, anticipated to be released on November 19th, 2018, is coming with a brand new way to handle theme and plugin integrations/development, called Gutenberg.

Although Wordpress has advised theme and plugin developers of this new interface, there are still a lot of themes and plugins that may not be compatible with Gutenberg.  Thankfully, Wordpress will also provide a plugin for allowing us to disable the Gutenberg interface.

Due to the unique nature of everyone's Wordpress site here at Richweb, we cannot equivocally state "Yes, your site will be okay", or "No, this site will break if you enable XYZ".

As a result of this, we're asking all of our clients to hold off on any Wordpress updates.  Starting the day after Thanksgiving, we will begin working through each and every one of our customer's sites to upgrade to Wordpress 5.0, and either install the "No Gutenberg Interface" plugin, or to make sure that Gutenberg works correctly for your site.

We will absolutely take a backup of your site so that we can restore a previous version (prior to updates) or anything else you might need to have done with this upgrade.

Thank you!